Help for rookies in the contest

Posted by The Commissioner , Aug 31,2000,09:13 Post Reply  Forum

There is a link on each contest titled NFL Related Links. The football links page lists a number of websites that you may find helpful when you make your selections each week. There's even a link to a coin flip page if you're really stuck!

Those of you who have entered picks for week #1 already know that you receive an email generated by an auto responder when you submit your picks. The safest way to make sure that I received your picks is to check back later on the contest page for the week in question. If your name is listed under "Everybody's picks for week #", then you can be sure I received your picks. For instance, if you look at the "Week #1" page, you can see the names of everyone who has already entered picks. I update this page manually so give me some time after you enter your picks. This is also the place where everyone's picks will be listed each week prior to the start of the first game of the given week.