A serious note about yesterday

Posted by Jim , Sep 12,2001,13:50 Post Reply  Forum

I hope that nobody in the group had friends or family on the planes or in the buildings yesterday. The whole things seems like a plot from a bad movie. Even the videotape doesn't look real on some level. We all knew that something like this or worse (nuclear or gas) might happen. I hope that it is a one-time experience.

There are many heroes…the rescue workers in NY, WA and PA (especially the police and fire people who gave their lives to help others). The media tends toward overkill but I'm surprised that I haven't even heard anyone speculate as to what might have gone on in the flight that crashed in PA. Passengers…flight crew…somebody prevented that plane from reaching its destination and killing more.

There are no easy solutions but I think that every US airport should be considered a US border with security staffed by US Marshals. There's nothing worse than the false sense of security that the current system gave us.

Does anyone care to share his or her thoughts?