Week #2 Update

Posted by The Commissioner , Sep 25,2001,09:36 Post Reply  Forum

Nine people scored in double figures this week (three 11's). The O'Connors and their in-laws are doing very well, which only proves that it's early yet. Christine has taken over as Top Chick. (Mike…she needs to spend more time in the kitchen!) Twenty people are within 5 games of 1st place.

The team standings changed quite a bit this week thanks to strong performances by the "cats" Joan and Rob and a "Red Sox-like" showing by Spanky & Kodi. The scores of these 3 may well determine the winning team.

Rita, stop whining, S&K will be back! Don't forget, though neutered, S&K are still male. They will be drinking their water out of Clogston crystal at the victory party!