Week #4 Update

Posted by The Commissioner , Oct 09,2001,10:00 Post Reply  Forum

Eight players scored in double figures this week (two "13's") in the individual competition. Darby (Eddie) has moved out to a 4 game lead but, as Rita, Charlie and Christine know, the top rung of the ladder has been slippery this year. Don't get discouraged…remember the individual final standings are based on your best 15 weeks.

Team IV (fast becoming the Dallas Cowboys of this pool) scored an impressive 43 this week, led by everyone's favorite dogs and the last Dallas Cowboy fan on earth! I think Rita and Mike Munn also submitted picks. Eddie and Steve continue to lead their teams into a tie for 1st place. Notice that Team II members rank 2-4 in the individual standings. Just imagine how good they would be doing if they would invite Rob to the team meetings.

As for some of the other competitions…

Christine maintains a 3 game lead over Rita for the coveted Top Chick award.

Spanky & Kodi are running away with the Top Dog award.

Darby (Eddie) looks like a sure winner in the Out of State Division.

The O'Connor Division is too close to call.

Joan and Rob are in a tight battle for the Clueless Cup." Back to back CC winner Sandra appears to be in a better position to get back her Top Chick title from two years ago.