Week #5 Update

Posted by The Commissioner , Oct 16,2001,11:18 Post Reply  Forum

It was just as well that everyone didn't get to see each other's picks on Sunday because most of them weren't very pretty!

Four contestants scored in double figures. Even though he scored less than 10 for the first time this year, Darby (Eddie) increased his lead in the individual competition. If he keeps picking like this, Darby will throw away two good scores at the end of the season.

Darby's performance kept his team in 1st place as well. For the second week in a row, Team IV led the team competition (34 points). Also for the second week in a row, Spanky & Kodi carried the team. Maybe the rest of the team should try making their picks by stepping on them.

Don't forget picks for all games next week must be entered by 7:30 P.M., Thursday October 18th (one hour prior to the start of the first game).

Good luck!