A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Posted by Susan E. Kronenfeld , Mar 11,1999,16:36 Post Reply  Forum

Dear little Grammy, I haven't always known what to talk to you about
these last few years, and I'm still at a loss. It seems the rest of
the family has already spoken most of my thoughts on your caring love
and kindness. One thing I should add, though, is a note on your great
hospitality. If anyone ever left your house hungry or thirsty, it was
his/her own fault. Any time we brought friends, you were gracious and
accepting of them, truly welcoming. Thank you for your kindness to
Nathan. We can't do much entertaining in our home at the moment, but
following your example, I can never have anyone come in without trying
really hard to feed them. Thanks for the Hoodsies, Grammy. I'll never
forget. Matt's message reminds me of your numerous cards and letters;
I'll end the same way: Love you, Grammy XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO