Missing you terribly

Posted by Colleen Byrne , Jan 14,1999,12:22 Post Reply  Forum

Dear Auntie Annie,
I know that I didn't get to see you as often as I'd have liked, but the times that we shared with you and your family are always such a pleasant memory. Whenever we look back at them and remind ourselves just how much a part of our lives you are, we always have a good laugh. I'll never forget the times when you came here and subtly took the packets of sugar, salt, and pepper off of the table in the restaurant and quickly put them in your purse. Or the numerous times when you'd send me or Grandma a photo, and months later, Carol or Rita would see it in our possession and say they'd been looking for that. Or how about the recycling of gifts which you accomplished oh so non-chalantly. The times we had will always bring a smile to my face and I know that there are so many who smile at the thought of such a little person with such a big heart. We all love you madly, Auntie Annie. You will remain forever in our hearts.
Love Always,
Colleen and the Chicago Gang