I Love You Madly Grammy!

Posted by Kathy (Sheehy) Conneely , Jan 16,1999,23:10 Post Reply  Forum

Grammy, I consider myself extremely lucky to have had you in my life for 28 years. You have
brought nothing but joy into my life. We have a wonderful family, and I have many other great
people in my life. However, despite how great these people are, at various times in our lives, we
get upset at those great people for various reasons. When I think about you though, I cannot recall
one instance in my life that you ever dissappointed me, upset me or stirred up any kind of
negative emotion, even briefly. You never judged me for my imperfections. You always loved
me UNCONDITIONALLY. My point is that you have the biggest heart and gave so much of
yourself every day of the year. You have touched my life in such a special way. I am fortunate that I
have so many special memories of you. I remember when we were young, and Suzie, Nancy and I
would sleep over your house and I was the one who could sleep in your bed with you with Suzie
and Nancy sleeping on the floor/crib. I got to sleep with you because I was not a restless sleeper
and would not kick your legs, like my other wild sisters. Then we would get up early in the
morning and come down and find you sitting in kitchen wrapping your legs. You would make us
tea (1/2 tea, 1/2 milk and sugar) and you would put on Davey and Goliath (the claymation
people) while we waited for Leslie, Rita and Carol to get up to play or go someplace. I will
never forget you. Your memory will live on forever. Thank you for all of the good times and for
being the best grandmother I could ever ask for! I Love You Madly! Love Kathy