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As she grew older, Mom wasn't able to visit church everyday as she did for so many years. Instead, Mom was a faithful viewer of Boston Catholic Television. Mom watched at least two masses a day, a rosary and any other show on BCTV that contained a priest or a prayer.

It is our wish that, in lieu of flowers or other donations you make on her behalf, you write a brief note to Monsignor Frank McFarland at Boston Catholic Television in memory of Mom. I'm sure BCTV would appreciate any offering that you might enclose. However, your letter is just as important. When BCTV must renew its license or attempt to attract local cable systems to include its broadcast, BCTV uses its incoming mail to emphasize that BCTV attracts an audience. Monsignor McFarland already knows how special Mom was but we think it will be an extra special tribute if he receives a bag of mail from those of us who mourn the loss of his most faithful viewer.

Monsignor Frank McFarland
Boston Catholic Television
55 Chapel Street
P.O. Box 9109
Newtonville, MA 02460-9109

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January 22, 1999.