My Gill Family

Posted by Robbie Gill , May 01,2001,20:15 Post Reply  Forum

Hey fellow Gills =)

I am writing to see if perhaps any one might be related to me...and if i may be related to anyone else on the Gill side. My name is Robert Warren Gill III. I am named after my grandfather who was Robert Warren Gill Sr. He had a sister, Lil, and brother Herb. Lil has a daughter, and 2 grand children i believe. Herb had 3 children, and i am not sure how many grand children. My grand father was married 3 times...first to my grandmother, Hannah, Then to someone named Babrbra, and I cant remember the other womens name. He had two children with my grandmother (my father and Barbra) and one with Barbra, Ron. My family is spread out over the east coast. Lil lives near Lancaster, PA. I am from Southern New Jersey (as are most of us) and the Barbra and Ron live in upstate New York (near Red Creak). Does anyone that has done more extensive genological studies have any conection to any of these people? This is just as far back as I can remember. Before my Aunt Lil dies, I want to go visit her and view the family tree that she's done. If memory serves, she's traisted us back to a lesser royal family in England (like dukes or something). Like i said, if anyone recognises any names, or what not, send me an email =)