Football related links

This is a listing of NFL football related links on the net to help you decide as the picks get tougher. If you have any suggestions as to additional links that should be included here, please let me know.

The links will get you to the main NFL football page within each site. You may want to bookmark specific pages within each site that you find helpful.

NFL.COM The official NFL site.
ESPNET SportsZone ESPN's NFL page.
CBS Sportsline CBS Sports NFL page
CNNSI Football page from CNN/Sports Illustrated
The NFL Football Server Stats, news and so on.
The Sports Network Main football page, also see next link.
TSN Sportsbook NFL Handicapping Corner Handicapping stats, trends, odds.
Chicks on Football These chicks KNOW FOOTBALL!
NFL.COM: NFL for Her Something to read after the dishes are done.
If you're still stuck, proceed with caution below!
I'm pretty sure about my picks but I'd like a second opinion.
HELP! I have no idea what I'm doing!
I'm still clueless!
I'm so confused, I think I just wet myself!

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