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Tell me who's who
Date: ???
Timmy, Gerry, Rita, Mom, Eddie, Carol
Date: ???
Don't know
Who are the kids?
Date: July 1959
Dad, ?, Ann, Mom
Cute baby boy with his mother & "the twins."
Date: 1962?
Jim, Mom, Ann, Rita
Guess who???
Date: ???
Jim & Leslie
Date: 1973?
Jim & Leslie
Did you ever open a gift and think,
"I hope they saved the receipt?"
Date: 1970?
Susie and Nancy.
Date: ???
Susie & Nancy
Can you help a little lost boy?
Date: ???
Mom & Timmy
Date: ???
Mom & Timmy
Mrs Gill
Date: June 1990
Mom 1990
The more things change...
Date: March 1956

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