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Susan, Sandra
& Michael
December 1974
Susan, Sandra & Michael
This was the legendary Christmas when all of Mom's & Dad's kids asked Santa for a cute baby brother!
January 1960
Christmas 1959
Leslie and some unidentified man
December 1976
Leslie, Santa
Darby/Eddie back in
the slush business
January 16, 1999
Christmas Maui style
December 1998
Kassia, Darby, Karen, Katie, Anela
Darby/Eddie cooling off
January 16, 1999
Mary Ann O'Connor, Louise MacDonald & Brendan ?
December 29, 1998
Mary Ann, Louise, Brendan
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gill
June 1937
wedding picture
Brendan, Louise,
Mom & Katherine
December 29, 1998
Brendan, Louise, Mom, Kathleen
Leslie, Beth & Nancy
January 18, 1999
Leslie, Beth, Nancy
Susan, George & Carol
December 1989
Susan, George, Carol
Teresa O'Brien, Liz Mitchell & Leslie
January 18, 1999
Teresa, Liz, Les

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