Family Email Addresses
and Websites

If you're anything like me, you've lost an email address or website URL from time to time. Anyone in the family (either side) who wants to communicate can have their email address listed here. When you create your own website (believe me, eventually everyone will have one) add a link to it here as well. Just click the appropriate address to send mail right from this page or click on the website title and you'll be magically transported there. If you are not already listed, please send your information to me.

John Castrucci  
Leslie (Dion) Castrucci
Leslie's Home on the Net
Paul & Kathy (Sheehy) Conneely  
Annie Gill-O'Toole  
Beth Gill  
Carol Gill  
Darby (Eddie) Gill A Keiki's Dream
Gerry Gill  
Jim Gill Keeshonds and other stuff
Michael Gill (George's son)    
Mike Gill (Mike's son)  
Rita Gill Rita's Secret Web Page
Sandra Gill Wedding Page
Steve Gill  
Timmy Gill  
Nathan Kronenfeld  
Susan (Gill) Kronenfeld 
Kassia Percell  
Katie Percell  
Charlie Sheehy  
Mary Ann Sheehy  
Nancy Sheehy  

More Email Addresses
Mom's (Annie's) Side
Dad's (Mickey's) Side

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